Kadra Dam is situated at a walkable distance from our hotel. The dam is constructed across river Kalinadi. There is a small view point over the vast area of the Kalinadi reservoir marked with "Nature like a kind and Smiling mother lends herself to our dreams and cherishes our fancies.”


Anshi National Park is located 8km away from our hotel. It is a home to more than 200 species of birds. These include the Adjutant Stork, Ashy Black-crested Crested Serpent Eagle, Great Hornbill, Golden-backed Woodpecker, etc. The unique feature of the park is that it is the only place in Asia where black panther is found, naturally.


Kaiga generating station is a nuclear power generating station situated at Kaiga . The plant has been in operation since March 2000 and is operated by the Nuclear Power Corporation of India.


Dandeli is a natural habitat for wildlife. Safaris in open jeeps into the Dandeli wildlife sanctuary accompanied by trained naturalists are the best way to view wildlife here. It is home to big cats such as tigers, leopards, and even black panthers, elephants, gaur, deer, antelopes, many kinds of reptiles and a rich variety of birds. It is also a perfect place for white water rafting. Of late, it has become a hot tourist spot and attracts many local and foreign tourists all the year around.


Syntheri really rocks, with its 300-ft tall monolith granite on the banks of Kaneri river .Located in Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, Syntheri Rocks forms an imposing ravine in the Kalindi river. A gushing waterfall adds to the fierce beauty of this place.


Karwar beach is one of the most wonderful beaches in India. It’s special because it lies as a small island near Goa with one side facing the Arabian Sea and the other side the Western Ghats. Hence the picturesque Karwar beach has a unique charm that no other beaches in India can boast of.